Introducing TouchIT Air

Designed specifically for Android-based Interactive LEDs, TouchIT Air allows you to mirror your screen from your Cell Phone, Tablet or MAC up to the LED, wirelessly. There is also no need for any additional 3rd party hardware, simply installed the App, and turn on screen mirroring on your device – it is that simple!

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The Benefits

Why do I need this App I hear you ask yourself? Let’s explore what TouchIT Air can do for you…

Access Apps on your device that are not available for you LED directly

Control the content from anywhere in your room

Annotate over your mirrored device

Make use of personal subscriptions that are not available on your LED

Support for Airplay for IOS & OSX

TouchIT Air supports AirPlay so if you are an Apple guru we can mirror your device to our interactive LEDs that run Android OS.

  • IOS

  • Phones

  • Portrait

  • Airplay

  • Video

  • Over WIFI

  • Android

  • Tablets

  • Landscape

  • MiraCast

  • Audio

  • No Internet Required

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“I’m an English Teacher and use TouchIT Air so I can display articles and content from my magazine subscription from my cell phone up to my LED. I can’t get the subscription on my LED so this is fantastic.”

Amanda B

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